A Trip to the Land of Smiles

A group of three boys and two girls from my school were selected for this very enriching trip to Thailand which included visits to various places such The temple of Emerald Buddha, the Royal Palace and Aditya Birla Chemicals Factory. Several conferences and dinners were held by notable dignitaries such as the Permanent Secretary at Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand and the Ambassador of India to Thailand. We visited Satya Sai school which is being administered by Dr. Art-Ong Jumsai who played a key role in NASA’s Viking Space Project. The primary aim of this trip was interaction of with students from Pratumnuk Suankularb school.

The Mayo Post

A page on Facebook through which I published posts related to my school. A great way for me to design and get response from people who were closely intertwined. It became stagnant after I left Facebook, but you can still check it out.

A visit to CERN

In this workshop, I learned about a wide array of topics including particle detectors, the future of particle physics in medicine, storage of data regarding collisions in the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), and most importantly, I got to interact with some of the brightest minds in theoretical physics.

Wikisearch - extension for Google Chrome

I was reading a magazine called OpenSource for the first time and I found this amazing article which helped me make a chrome extension in a few minutes. This extension helps you search something on wikipedia simply by right-clicking and choosing the WikiSearch option in the drop down menu. Here the is the github link.

Party Passes

These are some Chirstmas party passes I created for a friend.

Shield Cyber Security

A website design with the theme of a cyber security company.

Farewell Cards

Around the end of the academic year, every house organises a farewell party for the passing out batch. I made two cards for Bharatpur and BT house.

The Boot Up

This video is purely experimental. I just felt like editing and had my phone with me so I started shooting some random shots which I later stitched up through Adobe Premiere Pro CS6.

Website Designing Competition

At an Inter Public School Competition, I had to make this website in 3 hours. I have made two separate websites using the exact same theme, I only changed the text. Feel free to use it.


Just a side project. This is a website designed in photoshop and later was sliced and put to html.

Lights Out - An Android App

The first screen displays the main menu, while the other two describe two states of the game - lights on and lights off. You have limited amount of time for when you can keep the lights on, and while they are on, you need to kill insects flying around by tapping on them. The number of insects killed is your raw score which is represented on the screen as shown. Will be implemented on Android Studio using libGDX.

Brochure for French festival

For the French festival at school, I also designed a brochure for an evening event, this brochure was a two sided single page brochure which contained detailed information of the proceedings.

Posters designs for French festival

For the French festival at school, I also designed a few posters which showcased our school's main building and/or the Eiffel tower.

Cyber Quest

Designed a tech newsletter at school along with one of my friends. This was one of the best that's why I put it up. Others can be found here.

Newsletter for the French festival

Usually the entire design is done using software alone, but on this particular instance, a friend of mine drew all the doodles and sketches after which I scanned them and incorporated them with several other things. This was one of the most time scarce project that I have ever done, we barely pulled it off and it was definitely better than expected.

Conception de site Web

We have an annual French Festival at my school called Le Councours de Francais ("French Competition"). Since I had taken up French, I was asked to design the official website, which I did through Photoshop slicing. Here is the link.

Future Tech

Of all projects that I have made while getting used to Photoshop, this one has the simplest design. I love thin fonts and less number of colours. After I designed it on Photoshop, using the slice tool, I exported it into Dreamweaver and put up a few rollovers for the navbuttons.